Sunday, November 14, 2010

Free in LA – The Nethercutt Museum and Collection

One of the hidden gems of Los Angeles is the Nethercutt Collection in Sylmar. This is a large collection of cars and musical equipment that was collected by the founder of Merle Norman. When he opened the collection to the public, he funded it with a trust ensuring that the public could view the entire collection at no charge. The tours of the Nethercutt Collection are by reservation only.

The first part of the tour goes into a room that is designed to look like a car showroom from the 1930’s. All of the cars here, and throughout the museum, are well maintained and functioning.

Later in the tour, they had a room full of orchestrians. These are basically large mechanical musical instruments that are a combination of many different instruments meant to sound like an orchestra. The picture above is of me standing beside one 🙂

This is one of the smaller orchestrians opened so that you can see the mechanical gears inside.

Across the road from the Nethercutt Collection is the Nethercutt Museum. This is a large room with row upon row of old cars. The cars were so well polished it was impossible to take a picture without getting myself in it!

One final attraction is behind the museum. They have a 1937 Canadian Pacific Royal Hudson Locomotive. The train is also pulling a private car that you can tour.

We only lived a couple miles from here but if you are in the LA area, it is definitely worth the drive into The Valley to see the Nethercutt Collection and Museum! More info at

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