Sunday, April 4, 2010

Free in LA – Olvera Street “Blessing of the Animals”

Each year, on the Saturday before Easter, just outside of Union Station on Olvera Street, a tradition takes place. It is the “Blessing of the Animals.” Hundreds bring their pets and livestock to be blessed by the priest.

There is also live singing and dancing, both traditional Latino and Aztecan.

This dog is super excited about have a priest spray him with water,

as is this Alpaca,

and this dog and rabbit sharing a baby carriage.

As cows have given us the most, they are first in the parade.

Since llamas look cool, they go in the middle.

Snakes are scary so they go last. This one goes very last, far far away from me.

There are also a ton of vendors selling various items. Joy wanted a sombrero, but with our small budget we couldn’t get her a full size one 😀

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