Tuesday, September 1, 2009

California Station Fire Photos

I was in Jacksonville when the Station Fire started. By the time I arrived back in Los Angeles it was within about a mile of my house. I decided to grab my camera and take a few shots of the fire around my house. All of these shot were taken on a Canon 40d and are unedited except for resizing. They were taken in the Lake View Terrace/Sylmar area near Hansen Park. Click in individual pics to enlarge.

This picture was taken just off the I-210 freeway. The city you see is Tujunga and the road is Foothill Boulevard.

This is a closeup of the previous shot.

This is the same shot but I left the lens open longer to give you an idea how high the flames were leaping.

This is the same shot with a quicker shutter speed so you can see the base of the fire.

This view is from Hansen Park, directly across the street from my apartment. The road at the bottom is the I-210 freeway. The city is Lake View Terrace. The location at the bottom of the picture is actually the Central Command Post where they are coordinating firefighting efforts. Any news stories or announcements from the Governator you see will be coming from there.

This shot is the same shot from another angle. It is from the hill beside my apartment.

To see the rest of my Station Fire pictures you can download the entire set of them here.
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