Saturday, July 25, 2009

Installing a street lamp . . . in my house

So, Joy and I lived in a very poorly lit apartment for 2 years. No matter how many lamps you put out, it was still dark. When we arrived at our new apartment in California, we were distressed to find out that neither the living room or the bedroom had ceiling lights. A couple days ago, while walking through The Home Depot, we spotted a display of street lights. (All pics taken from my iphone)

After analyzing the wiring, mount, etc., I decided I could “refit” an outdoor street lamp into an indoor street lamp. I assembled the lamp per the instructions up to the point of mounting it. I have a ton of old computer power cables laying around so I grabbed one and cut it open in order to splice it to the power of the lamp. Instead of the black, white, and green I was expecting, I got brown, blue, and green/yellow. I researched it and realized that those were European wiring standards (I have no idea where I got a European cord.) I wired brown to black, blue to white, and the bare cable to the green/yellow.

These were designed to be sunken into concrete, not be free standing so I had to make a base for it. I got a piece of scrap lumper from The Home Depot and made the base depicted below. Holes are for the bolts. Power cable goes through center hole and out the back. (Diagram made using Dia, a free diagraming program.)

While at Lowe’s I also bought I hand saw 😀

Below is the finished top piece.

It has scared Joy’s grey cat. He is running and hiding.

We now have plenty of light in our living room.

A close-up of the base.

As you can tell, it ain’t pretty. I am leaving the decorating and hiding of the base to Joy 😀

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