Monday, April 27, 2009

Random Text Messages a.k.a. why 12-year-olds shouldn’t have cell phones

The last couple days I have had some interesting text messages and calls. These are all from the same cell phone number.

April 26, 2008

4:49 p.m.  Call: They hang up when I answer

5:55 p.m. Text message: Hey

7:56 p.m. Call: They hang up when I answer

8:02 p.m. Hi this is *******, ALLCAP’s DAUGHTER!!

8:18 p.m. ALL i have to say is you BETTER LEAVE her ALONE!

9:12 p.m. DO YOU GOT IT’? you better stay away

Text messages end. I assume they have realized their mistake. I didn’t respond because I assumed it was a joke/prank/junk message or something trying to get me to respond to make sure my number was valid. I had no idea whose number it was so I just left it alone . . . until today.

April 27

2:19 p.m. Text: Hey who is this??

I was tired of getting these texts so I decided to have a little fun and tell the truth.

2:21 Text from me: None of your business

2:22 p.m.  Text: Well it is seein that you have been textin my mama

I decided to be obstinant

2:24 Text from me: I will text who i want 2 text

2:27 Text: Well all I have to say is you better stay away from her

Not wanting to have some anonymous person tell me who to hang around with I respond:

2:29 Text from me: I will hang around wherever I want to hang around

2:30 Text: Oka well you wont be when my daddy other known as her husband gets done with you.

As this point I am fearing for the life of whoever is messing with XXXXXX. They are about to get beat up with no warning at all 😀 So, I respond:

2:54 Text from me: I think you have me confused with someone else. I have no idea who XXXXXXX is.

3:10 Text: Oka i’m tellin my daddy and then i’m telling my mama i kno and she will get rid of you

3:15 Text from me: You really have me confused with someone else.

3:20 Text: That is a lie!!

5:35 Text: I kno that its you i’m not an idiot unlike you

7:13 Text: Just incase you didn’t understand me earlier if you ever text my mama again you will regret it big time

Well I was going to leave it alone but I have been called a liar, an idiot, threatened, and it appears that ******* is not going to believe I am not texting her mother. Since she is threatening me, I might as well figure out how my destruction will play out.

7:22 p.m. Text from me: How so?

7:24 p.m. Somehow she has a family with a 12 year old daughter That’s me and a 14 year old son and a husband

Soooo, I’ve been tormenting a 12-year-old. I almost feel bad. I will once again try to convince her she is very comfused.

7:29 p.m. Text from me: I promise u i have no idea who your mother is. U have me confused with someone else.

Finally, she believes me.

7:37 p.m. Text: Well then why have you been agreeing with me the whole time??

9:02 p.m. Text from me: Actually, I haven’t agreed with anything you have said

9:05 p.m. Text: Well why didn’t you stop be at the begging??

I have decided to be completely honest with the poor gal

9:09 p.m. Text from me: I honestly thought it was a prank at first

9:10 p.m. Text: Sure you did

Considering how long it took me to convince her I was not after he mother I have decided to just drop it.  I have had a good day of amusemnt. The two morals of the story are don’t cheat on your husband and don’t let your 12-year-old have a phone.

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  1. wow…

    i was amused as well.

    i sent you a video from you tube.

    it will tell you how hungry i am.

    you should have offered to meet that girl somewhere just so you could see who it was lol

    oh wait..

    maybe thats a bit stalkish

    Comment by lyle — April 29, 2009 @ 8:44 am

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