Friday, January 16, 2009

The nuts and bolts of this blog

Here’s what this blog is made of and why I made it this way.

The webhost – dreamhost. Why dreamhost? I was formerly the webmaster of a newspaper that used dreamhost. I liked it and was used to it so I used it. Why not host on blog site such as wordpress? Pretty much I just wanted my own server to play with 😀

The software – wordpress.  I am a huge fan of open-source software and have worked with it before and WordPress is great. I even set my father-in-law up blogging 😀 

The theme – Dark Knight.  No, I am not a huge batman fan. I stare at a computer all day and personally find it easier on the eyes to have white text on a black background. My web browser and email client also use the PitchDark theme.

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